New frog species found in Peru

Vista de la nueva especie de rana descubierta en el Santuario Nacional Megantoni, en la región de Cuzco. Cedida

Lima (EFEverde).- Researchers and park rangers have discovered a new species of frog at the Megantoni National Sanctuary in the southern region of Cuzco, Peru’s National Protected Wildlife Areas Service said.

The service said the newly found frog belongs to the Bryophryne genus and that it is characterized by “dorsal skin with olive green warts and areola warts in the ventral area.”

The frog lives at an altitude of 3,506-3,651 meters (11,500- 11,900 feet) in the humid grasslands of the Amazonian slope of the Andes.

Researchers from San Agustin National University made the discovery during a routine observation mission inside the reserve.

“This finding highlights the importance of promoting research in protected areas to gather information about biodiversity in natural spaces,” the service said.

The government agency said that an executive order signed last month streamlined the process, authorizing the free access of researchers to nature reserves to encourage the collection of scientific information. EFE



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